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The Anatomy Portal is an anatomical resource that provides access to three-dimensional models of embryonic development. It aims to provide a valuable reference for model organisms and through the continued addition of new species a resource to facilitate comparative anatomy studies.

About the Anatomy Portal
The Anatomy Portal allows users to:
  • Browse sections through 3D models
  • Display 3D renderings of embryos throughout development
  • Download the 3D datasets
  • Link to other key resources

How to use the Anatomy Portal?
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The Zebrafish Anatomy Portal

The Zebrafish Anatomy Portal (ZFAP) provides 3D models covering the range of zebrafish development from 24 hours until adulthood.

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The Quail Anatomy Portal

The Quail Anatomy Portal (QAP) provdes 3D models and a staging tool covering development from E1 until E15.

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About Us

The Anatomy Portal was established by the Bryson-Richardson Research Group in collaboration with Dr David Salgado. The development of the resources for each species is also highly collaborative and the many contributors are detailed in the resources for each species.
Optical Projection Tomography

animated gif demonstrating principal of projection tomography Optical projection tomography (OPT) is the technique used to generate the 3D models in the Anatomy Portal resource. To generate 3D images in OPT a series of images is captured of the sample as it rotates. Each line of pixels in these images is then back projected to generate a cross section through the sample.

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The Compare Project
Compare project COMPARE is a multi-organism web-based system designed to easily retrieve, correlate and interpret data across species. Compare provides access to a wide array of information for human and widely studied animal models.

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The Zebrafish Anatomy Portal publication is accessible here.

The Quail Anatomy Portal publication will appear here when accepted.
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